Prison Overcrowding

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“Prison Overcrowding: Using Proposals from Nevada and California to Recommend an Alternative Answer”

By: Casey Apao

For: Dr. Sarri
Fall 2010


“I, the undersigned, Casey Apao hereby certify that without the assistance of Henry Apao this Critical Thinking Scientific Paper wouldn’t be done.”

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Casey Apao


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December 04, 2010

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Work Cited14
“In this Critical Thinking Scientific Research Paper I shall proceed as follows. First, I will present the issue of Prison Overcrowding. Second, I shall analyze the attempts by Nevada and California to decrease Prison Overcrowding. Last, I will infer some results and logically recommend solutions to Prison Overcrowding.”

Assessing the Problem
Every night significant populations of people have almost no where to lay their head to rest. They are boxed up in tiny rooms, or shoved into cramped spaces to fulfill a quota on a balance sheet. Housed in makeshift units and stacked on tri-leveled bunks their population is only growing. Although the remainder of society views them as filth and scum, convicted felons, inmates and prisoners do not just deserve but also require humane treatment. Prison Overcrowding isn’t just a singular problem; it is an issue with far reaching consequences. Safety of both inmates’ and prison personnel are directly related to Prison Overcrowding. When prisons fill up, past intended capacity, the stress of constant human contact, and little mobility, will make people act out in violent behaviors. Strong aggressive, and violent behavior will earn an inmate a trip to solitary confinement. Originally intended to remove the individual from their current surroundings and punish them, solitary confinement will currently be used as an escape for inmates. To escape the oppressing weight of cramped quarters mixed with disproportionate ratio of humans to surface area, and inmate will gladly act violent towards another inmate or prison staff member to achieve relative peace and quiet. Health Care and Illness Prevention are also affected by Prison Overcrowding. Too many bodies so close together will invariably pass illness and disease rapidly amongst each other. The prison staff isn’t immune to this problem, air borne viruses, and surface bacteria plague closely confined human dwellings. Often times it is the fault of the prison staff introducing illness into the prison from the outside world. Living in a type isolated community, prisoners can not avoid sickness and illness brought on by close human contact and unfortunately sometimes it is fatal. Humans can not endure physical and mental hardship for long extend periods of time. Unfortunately that is exactly what a prison is, a place for individuals to serve long extend periods of time. Coupled with the physical bombardment of cramped living quarters and crowded breathing space, mixed in to mental stress and illness Prison Overcrowding is a problem ready to explode. Nevada’s Attempts to Curb the Tide

Nevadans know there is an overcrowding problem in the Nevada penal system. In 2007 Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada asked the state Legislature to approve a proposal for $300.7million of cash and bond financing to expand the state's prison capacity, “Nevada's men's prisons have 145% of the inmate population originally planned for” (Cohen). That means stuffing inmates in to places not designed to house people. Gyms and former Recreational...

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