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Title : Prison Management System (PRISMS)
The overall objective of PRISMS was to scale up prison governance by ensuring a transparent, user friendly, problem solving, and friendly and trustworthy prison management system across Goa. Client Name : Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

Client Type : Case Studies
Start Date : 1st May, 2009
The Prisons Management Systems (PRISMS), a landmark e-governance initiative of Goa government has not only been pioneering but also influential in many such initiatives in other states as far as automation and efficiency of Prisons management is concerned. PRISMS is an effective ICT-enabled prison administration and management system with the objective of providing an easy effective and efficient mechanism benefiting the prisoners and the concerned prison department. This case study aims to bring forth the importance of Government Process reengineering (GPR) in the context of implementing ICT systems and the resultant benefits to stakeholders. The period prior to implementation of PRISMS was marked by multiple complexities and hurdles including manual based time consuming process, human errors, insufficient security due to time consuming record keeping, difficulty in managing visitors, faulty calculation of correct remission and release dates, delay in application process, negligence of records and so on. The shortcomings fostered corrupt and inefficient administration and compromised constitutional rights of prisoners and the rule of law. Post PRISMS, implementation has weeded out key limitations of prisons management in Goa resulting in drastic improvements in prison administration and in the lives of the prisoners. Whereas PRISMS has emerged as a source of tremendous positive change among the stakeholders, it has also established its sustainability on the basis of being cost-effective. However, PRISMS has had its own share of challenges and limitations; for example, difficulty in motivating the staff in the new system, system design and deployment with 23 diverse modules, network building, and ensuring system foolproof and monitoring. The objective of the case study is to analyze PRISMS, implemented in jails and judicial lock-ups all over Goa by the Office of the Inspector General of Prisons. The analysis is divided into 5 major sections and focuses on a detailed analysis of the pre-implementation state of the project, the current status with respect to the proper functioning and benefits provided by the system, challenges and lessons learnt during the implementation phase. In terms of methodology, secondary as well as primary data was collected, including interviews of representative stakeholders, namely the office of the Inspector General of Prisons, GEL – the agency that designed and implemented the solution, the prison management staff, and the officers working with the system as well as the prisoners. The findings arrived through this case study point towards the positive impact of e-governance programs with regard to integrated and holistic prison management. Keywords

PRISMS, prison management, e-governance, web-based application, efficient administration, parole, compensation, Goa Electronics Limited, ICTD, Smart Government, India, Automation, GPR. Project Background

Prison management is a daunting task and especially when the numbers are too high to handle, resources are minimal to manage and there is lack of trained manpower to manage pressures and crisis situations. In case of Goa, two major set of challenges were identified in relation to prison affairs management. One challenge was from the prison administration perspective. The manual prison administration was plagued by ills of a traditional administrative and management structure. These included  time consumption process, human errors in administering records and registers of prison inmates, and management hurdles in compilation and analysis of data due to lack of data...

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Published On : 11th July, 2013
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