prison life

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Prisoners and culture shock

When a person who is used to having complete freedom is suddenly tossed into a cage with little to no privacy it comes as a huge shock to them. Everyone is tense, cruel, and cold hearted all the time, well this is the reality many people face when they are thrown into prison. You have to change who you are very rapidly or else you’ll probably become a victim of those around you. You need to have a tough appearance, you will see a lot of violence and there for making everyday a though one. It comes to no surprised that we see the revolving door affect with prisoners, they leave prison and come right back. Violence, having no trust in any one, often feeling alone and hopeless, having no possessions. Most prisoners face all these things if not most, and they become institutionalized to the prison system. Many people will say that it’s the worst time of their lives and are treated like animals. They are often given an id numbers so the prisoners feel like they’re not valued any more. You live in a huge building made of concrete surrounded by razor wired and you a tiny cell often with a cellmate, Susan McDonald who was a business partner with then president Bill Clinton said,” there’s no soft place to sit. I remember thinking is everything in the world made up of concrete?” Another inmate Eric remerowski wrote in his article called “a day in the life of a Texas prisoner”, “penitentiary … 2) a warehouse of the living dead…” That’s how he described life in prison showing just how bad prison can be.

When a prisoner makes it to his release date he is shocked and frozen by the out world. It can be a very scary world since there used to living a scheduled life behind bars. They can have no friends or family waiting on them when they leave prison. They changed their lives to violence and cold heartedness that they don’t know what to do once they return to regular outside life again. Most prisons are...
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