Prison Essay

Topics: Prison, Tax, Penal imprisonment Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: May 19, 2013
State prison vs. Private prison

Compared to a state prison, private prisons are privately funded, owned and operated by individuals or stockholders. Therefore many of our tax dollars are poured into these facilities, so we must sometimes overlook these costs for that of the safety and security of the public. In the 1980s the War on Drugs caused a burgeoning prison population and increased use of incarceration, prison overcrowding and rising costs became increasingly problematic for local, state, and federal governments. To remedy the problem of prison overcrowding, rising incarceration rates, constraints on increased government funding to provide more prison space. The concept of prison privatization came about in the early 1980s as a policy. Thus the birth of the private prison took place, helping to relieve the stress at the state prisons, by allowing them to send their overflow of inmates to the smaller private facilities. Industry –funded studies often include that states can save money by using private prisons. However, state-funded studies have found that private prisons keep only low-cost inmates and send others back to state-run prisons; as a result they really aren’t saving too much money if some of these inmates are still going back to the state facilities. The transportation of these inmates back and forth between the facilities ends up costing the state facilities more money, which is what they are trying to save in the first place. Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) was the first private prison business to emerge and establish itself publicly in 1984- it was awarded a contract to take over a facility in Hamilton County, Tennessee. It marked the very first time that any government in the country had contracted out the complete operation of a jail to private operator. So from this, the private prison business began to take off, as the need for more housing for the overcrowded state prisons arose. Most of the cost savings comes at the...
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