Prison Design

Topics: Violence, Domestic violence, Rooms Pages: 7 (2115 words) Published: March 18, 2015

Designing the ideal Prison

Elizabeth Wong and Natasha Totonchian
November 25th, 2013
Mr Logan

Architectural Layout and Physical Setting
To begin, our prison is a male prison, located on an island on the East Coast of Canada, 5 km from mainland. The remote location isolates inmates from the outside world as a security precaution to minimize escapes. Our prison was designed for the safety of both our staff and prisoners. To ensure maximum security and rehabilitation, the architectural layout will provide a structured yet reasonable lifestyle for our inmates. Ferryboats will run regularly to transport our staff, new inmates and inmates who have finished their sentence to and from the island. Firstly, our prison is much smaller in size, with a maximum capacity of 600 inmates and a staff of 200. In a less populated prison, we can better provide a secure and safe environment for our inmates. The architectural layout of our prison is two “L” shaped buildings, facing each other with an open space in the centre. This layout allows us to have a convenient and compact prison. Within our facility, we have 300 double cells, a cafeteria, a library, a worship centre, a recreation area, a weight room, a shower room, offices, and a large outside area, all of which are surrounded by a 15’ tall brick wall, as well as an 13’ tall razor wire fence, assuring no escapes. Each end of our two main “L” shaped buildings will have three floors of 50 cells, totaling to 300 double cells. The cells are made from a steel framing and poured concrete, the walls 1 foot thick. The dimensions of each cell are 9’ by 12’ with a height of 12’. The cells each have two doors, one steel caged bar gate, and a solid steel door, with a peep hole that allows guards to check on inmates in 20 minute intervals. None of the doors require keys to be unlocked; they are all opened electronically by a panel at the end of each cell hallway. Within each cell, there is a metal bunk bed frame, bolted to the ground, each bed has a two inch thick foam mattress and a pillow; clean sheets will be picked up from laundry room on a weekly basis. Additionally, the inmates each have a toilet and sink combination in their cells. If there happens to be water damage and inmates try to dig their way out, they will not go far because the piping leads a narrow concrete area with nowhere else to go. If an inmate gets into this little area, a motion sensor will go off, informing guards that a prisoner has attempted to escape, and he will be punished accordingly. Our prison allows inmates many privileges and a limited amount of freedom to do activities so long as their behaviour permits. In our prison, we have a large library with a wide variety of all types of literature. Furthermore, we also have a weight room with workout gear including a bench press, barbells, treadmills, and jump ropes. In addition, we have a recreation room that includes televisions, sofas, cards, chess and other board games. When inmates are occupying these rooms, there will be at least two guards surveying and watching over the inmates to assure no violence occurs. When it is time for the prisoners to return to their cells, there will be a count check of all weights, books and other appliances, and the inmates will be searched to assure that they do not try to steal and sneak things back up to their cells. All sofas, weight benches and other large items will be bolted to the ground. Weights and barbells will also be wired to the ground to prevent theft. In addition to our various recreation activities, we also have a large outdoor area for inmates to enjoy and get some fresh air. This area includes a basketball court, grass area, and benches. There is a large watch tower right in the centre with three guards surveying with shotguns, just in case extreme violence occurs and defense is needed. There will also be guards on the ground watching inmates to assure no contraband or other...
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