Prison and Live Performances

Topics: Prison, Punishment, Penology Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: November 14, 2001
When an individual commits a crime the legal system prosecutes the criminal and ultimately incarcerates him. The very foundation of such a sequence of events is meant to degrade the offender and remove any social rights he had while on the outside. For example, prisoners have this vague notion that they are entitled to any basic rights while in prison. This concept has outraged law-abiding, upstanding citizens for decades. Prisoners are sent to prison or jail because they committed a crime, something that was considered unacceptable and wrong in society. Therefore, they are sent to prison or jail to pay for what they did, to be punished. However, a lot of these prisons and jails that they are being sent to are made to be too comfortable and too accommodating. Prisoners are being entertained rather than being reformed. They are entitled to the hypocrisy of programs such as arts & crafts, music, television, occasional live performances, and leisure sports. Along with these activities prisoners are entitled to programs such as education and trade instruction. The reason many citizens are so outraged by these programs is because they are not offered in such a capacity to the rest of society as readily as they are to prisoners.

In many prisons, prisoners are served 3 hot meals a day. Breakfast might consist of eggs, bacon, cereal, fruit, juice, and coffee. Also, at jails and prisons prisoners have an open courtyard, where they have access to weights, basketball, and other recreational activities. While there prisoners can earn their GED, access books and computers, this is wrong. These prisoners are getting three meals a day, a roof over their heads, warm beds, cable television, recreational equipment, jobs that pay, and opportunities. Who could ask for anything more? There are homeless people on the streets, people who are not able to have three meals a day as well as all of these other luxuries and they are law-abiding citizens. So why should...
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