Prison and Justice System

Topics: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1580 words) Published: March 23, 2011
The American system of justice should punish criminals correctly and when in serious need, the reform system should take over and punish them severely. The system of criminal justice in America is used to deal with crimes it cannot prevent and criminal it cannot deter is not a consistent system. It was not designed or built in one piece at one time. Its philosophic core is that a person may be punished by the government if, and only if, it has been proved by an honest and intentional process that he or she has violated a specific law. Around that core layer upon layer of institutions and procedures, some carefully constructed and some improvised, some inspired by principle and some by resource, have accumulated. Parts of the system magistrates' courts, trial by jury, and bail are of greatly distant past. America's system of criminal justice is overcrowded and overworked, and very often misunderstood. It needs more information and more knowledge. It needs more technical resources. It needs more coordination among its many parts. It needs more public support. It needs the help of community programs and institutions in dealing with offenders and potential offenders. It needs, above all, the willingness to reexamine old ways of doing things, to reform it, to experiment, to run risks, to date. Therefore, The American system of justice should punish criminals but needs the reform system to back it up. In 1851, California activated its first state run institutions. This institution was a 268-ton wooden ship named "The Waban", and was anchored in the San Francisco Bay. The prison ship housed 30 inmates who subsequently constructed San Quentin State prisons, which opened in 1852 with approximately 68 inmates.  Since 1852, the Department has activated thirty one prisons across the state. Thus the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), is responsible for operating security such as state corrections, rehabilitation, probation and parole systems....
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