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Priorities: Family and Old Brother Watch

By ashlie10 Apr 08, 2011 301 Words
At this point in my life, my priorities are many, but three priorities are most important to me. My first priority is my education. Not only do I value education, but it also plays a major part of my life because I love learning new things. In this world today, one has to have more than an associate’s degree to get far in life, and be able to have a steady career. In order to get a PhD; I have to concentrate and take things seriously in order to succeed. Another big priority in my life is being a role model. Not only does my six year old brother watch every move I make but my step-sisters and cousin do as well. Since my father got remarried I became the second oldest. That led to my older brother not around much because he lives at his grandmothers. Because I am around a lot more than he is I have more responsibility to be a role model, and not make mistakes very often. A final part for me is maintaining the important relationships in my life. For a college student it’s very hard to be able to balance everything between homework, family, and friends. It is important for me to keep my family close especially my sisters and brothers, because I know they will always be around. As well as friends; to be able to maintain a good friendship there is always communication and at times there isn’t enough time between homework to do so. It is always important to with hold a close relationship with your friends and family, so you know they will always be there for you. As you can see my priorities are a major role in my life at this time.

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