Printing and Item Quantity Sales

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BYS Inc.
Cabuyao, Laguna
Date: May 1, 2013

GRL Inc.
Manila Phil.

Dear Ms. Mendoza,
This business composed of features a shirt printing, online buying business. Everyone of us like arts , they create different kinds of work arts , like the tattoo , street art , sand art and most of all the painting , that brought a lot of Filipinos to be the best and well known. Our T-Shirt! is an exciting new business that allows people to custom design a shirt (specifically the design on the front or back) any way that they would like. By intelligently leveraging cutting edge technology, you’re T-Shirt! Will harness the power of computer sublimation to allow custom shirt printing in production runs as small as one unit.

Our proposal is built on proven success based on what we have serve in different areas of this country, there are a lot of printing business here, maybe because they earn a lot by having this kind of business.

Sincerely yours,
BYS Inc.

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Management Aspect

Form of Business

Sole Proprietorship is type of business entity that owned and run by one individual and in which is no legal distinction between the owner and business.

In this form of business all the profit are will be receive by the owner and his unlimited responsibility for all losses and debts.


I.Decision can easy made
II.Easy to manage
III.Financial Operation not complicated
IV.Owner didn’t pays income tax
V.Owner entitled to own the business profit


I.There is limited personal liability for business debts.
II.There is lack of continuity.
III.It is difficult to raise capital.

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Employee NamePositionTime
Mark Angelo ManabatOwner(9:00am-12:00nn)
Joseph Angelo TierraManager(10:00am-7:00pm)
John Joseph AcainDesigner 1(10:00am-7:00pm)
Richard RoyoDesigner 2(10:00am-7:00pm)
Daryll AlcaideOperator 1(10:00am-7:00pm)
Khel ArtiagaOperator 2(10:00am-7:00pm)
Marvin GregandaTechnician(10:00am-7:00pm)

NamePositionRegular RatesDays of WorksMonthly SalarySSSTax Joseph Angelo TierraManagerP200.00...
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