Print vs. Press

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Print vs. Press
In today's elections the Media is one of the biggest influences in most elections. Throughout the years the Media has changed quiet a bit. As in most cases, today's technology has revolutionized the Media and the way we get our information. Not only do we hear about elections through the media, we learn of updated news pertaining to our everyday lives. There are two types of Media that presents different stimuli, which vary substantially from nature to content. The two types are the Printing press and the Electronic press. Both play major roles in educating and informing our nation.

The Print media is best known for it's "excel in conveying factual details (graber189)." Graber goes on to add that the print media is generally credited with conveying more knowledge that audiovisual media does. One Critic by the name of Neil Postman says that if our nation is exposed to too much television, we might turn into a nation of dilettantes who avoid the serious issues of the world. I think that we are seeing some of that now. Look at Clinton for example, our media has not been as involved in how well our country has been doing. Rather the media is steady telling the nation who he sleeps with and what he has for breakfast. On the contrary, the newspapers and so on are giving us facts. They are telling us more about the health care reform, and about issues over seas. We as a nation need to care more about our country and set aside some of our amusement. One on the major down falls of the printing press is that, most times the news we read is that of old news. If there is an attack in Russia on Wednesday, then it will not be until Thursday or Friday until we read it in the paper. Another example is that of Time magazine. Subscribers of Time usually receive their magazine a week or two later that the latest news. I think that the printing press is for the more informative group and should not be left in the dark.

The Electronic Media is...
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