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During the Group Discussion
What should I do if I don’t understand the topic properly? Should I ask the evaluators to explain? If you do not understand or know the subject well, it is a better idea to let other start speaking. As you understand the subject make an entry into the discussion. Don’t ask evaluators to explain the subject. Can I raise my voice during the Group Discussion?

Avoid raising voice to a level where it can be treated as shouting. Should I take a stand during the Group Discussion?
Its better not to take a stand immediately as the discussion begins. Introduce the subject and present some facts to begin the discussion. As the GD proceeds, you can take a stand. If you are convinced with other’s point of views, there’s no harm in changing your stand but do it in a proper way so that you don’t look fickle minded. Would presenting facts help during the Group Discussion?

Presenting facts does help but over adding the facts would be nauseating for the group and a show off of your ego. Present the facts as accurately as possible. If you are asked to name the Union territories in India, you should get them all right but at the same time if you are asked about the turn over of IT industry in the country an error of 5% is acceptable The other members have spoken all the points I want to speak. What should I do? This can happen if you speak late in the GD. Try to speak within first five minutes of 20 minutes long GD If others have spoken all that you wanted to speak, all you can do is: •Drop that point and think some thing else

Add some elaboration to the already spoken point and broaden the scope of the GD. Should I encourage other members to speak?
Do not pressurize other members to speak if they are not willing to. By doing this you might put them up in an embarrassing situation. If you see that a member is trying to speak but is not able to than you can encourage and help him. I am not getting a chance to speak, what should I do?

Get into the discussion by politely saying that I think I have a different point of view here, if you disagree with the speaker or by saying Yes, I think you have a point here. I would like to add some further information here. Is it necessary to summarize the discussion?

It is a good idea to summarize the discussion as the goal of GD is that the group should reach a conclusion. However, if the group has not been able to reach a conclusion, just summarize all that has been discussed. Importance of knowledge in GD - by Rajmeet Ghai

Knowledge is any information or awareness that is known. Skills could also be considered as knowledge. Knowledge cannot be acquired overnight. It is gained through experience. Illusions, judgments can also be a part of knowledge.

In any group discussion, until you are not aware of what you need to speak, you will definitely land up making a fool of yourself. •Knowledge will help in answering queries of audience.
It will keep you motivated in a group.
If you are aware of what you have to speak, confidence will automatically sink in. •Knowledge will help you argue with other team mates in the group. •Explicit knowledge about facts and figures helps the most. They help to make your point stronger. •Knowledge keeps you going and enthusiastic.

It should be noted that knowledge can never be complete or satisfied. It is a gradual incremental process. The more you get, the lesser it falls. Importance of Presentation in GD - by Rajmeet Ghai

Presentation is a mechanism by which one shows his/her talent. It can be considered as a way of communicating with someone. How does one present?
Different ideas can be presented using diagrams, flowcharts, power point presentations etc. •A good presentation is impressive in a group discussion. •The presenter must have a body language that is very expressive and not offensive. This shows that the speaker doesn’t lack mannerism. •The presenter must have a direct eye contact with the team...
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