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Module 3: Creating, Sending, and...
Topic 3: IMC Print, Broadcast, Out-of-Home, and Product Placement Media The media is a touch point that creates a connection between the brand and the customers and prospects. The media's role is to deliver brand messages through media exposure. This is very important, as the number of people who see, read, and/or hear the medium affects the sales, profit, and market share of the brand. Despite the media's power, it cannot, on its own, ensure that a brand's message will get through to the target audience. The brand messages must attract and involve its consumers for this to occur. Figure 11-1 on page 344 is a chart that shows that "most brand messages generate a response from only a small percentage of those who are exposed to the message". (textbook, pp.344–346). Brand messages are delivered to their target audiences through two types of media mass and niche media. Mass media uses vehicles to reach many people (large, diverse audiences) simultaneously, while niche media employ vehicles that focus on a defined group who share similar characteristics (Gen Y, Baby Boomers, etc.). Your textbook also discusses media classification in terms of levels and groupings (Figure 11-2) media intrusiveness (Figure 11-3) and media strengths and weaknesses (Table 11-1). Print Media and IMC

Print media is a mass media, as its classes (newspaper and magazine) reach mass audiences. There are some newspapers and magazines, however that are niche media, as their vehicles focus on a defined group who share common consumer characteristics (e.g., teenagers, seniors). The main forms of print media are newspapers and magazines. Other forms include directories, mail, brochures, packaging, and all other forms of message delivery that are produced by printing on paper or some other material, such as balloons, t-shirts, caps, or pens. Print messages are relatively permanent compared to broadcast messages, which are fleeting. In this case, permanence means that the message can be kept (clipped and saved, or bookmarked, for example) and revisited. Newspapers

A newspaper is a disposable publication that is published daily, weekly, or semi-weekly. It contains editorials, regular articles by syndicated columnists, current news on a variety of topics (including business, political events, crime, sports, opinion, weather, etc.), entertainment news, and substantial advertisements. For many mass-marketing campaigns, newspapers are an important medium in the marketing mix; they are second only to television in advertising volume but cost much less. They are an essential advertising medium for local advertisers such as retailers and can be an important medium to national and international advertisers. There are three main types of ads in the newspaper:

1. Classified ads
2. Display ads
3. Special ads and supplemental inserts
The strengths and weaknesses of newspapers are discussed in the textbook. Magazines
A magazine is periodic and regular (weekly, monthly, annually) publication in a given field. It has a popular style and presentation and contains a variety of articles on various subjects within the editorial content of the publication. The articles are authored by different authors such as staff or freelance writers and edited by a magazine employee. Magazines serve the educational, informational, and entertainment needs and interests of a wide range of readers in consumer and business markets. A general and/or specific audience may read them. While some magazines are general mass-appeal publications, most are targeted to very specific types of audiences in both the consumer and business markets. Like newspapers, magazines include substantial advertising. Broadcast Media and IMC

Broadcast media are also mass media, as the two classes—television and radio—reach "the masses." Having said that, some television and radio programs are considered to be niche media...
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