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Janet Ayliffe

Janet Ayliffe has been a painter and printmaker for over 20 years and has developed a highly original style that reflects her life, family and environment. Her skills include things like; wood engravings, intaglio etching, aquatic, oil and watercolour paintings and many more.

Janet was born and raised on a farm on Kangaroo Island. Being on a farm, on the island, she had access to an immerse amount of nature, wildlife, landscapes and so much more natural beauty. This natural beauty contributed to what inspired her to become a painter and printmaker. Her creativity and inspiration comes from her life -her development, family, children and home- and the environment that surrounds her. Janet produces a number of pieces that, at once, are accessible and deeply complex and, at times, mystical.

She travels interstate to organise solar plate etching workshops, as she is one of the very few artist teaching this technique. Her artwork appears on the cover of a number of ‘The Australian Craft Show’ brochures and her work is also held in public and private collections in Australia, Britain, Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA.

I personally quite like Janet’s artworks as each artwork is completely different to the last, but in different ways, they are also linked. Her artworks may be complex and compacted but that is what gives them a certain beauty and natural and real looking effect to them.

An example of her artwork is:

‘Albert and Milly count the kangaroos’.
(As shown on the right)

This particular piece of artwork is a 420x300mm, etching, on multiple plate photopolymer etchings on hahnembule paper.

In this etching the main subjects are the dogs, staring out the window, to the near hills; as if they want to go out there. You can see the trees out on the hills in different tones of greens and the sky a pinkish colour, creating another image of a warm spring afternoon.
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