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Topics: Nutrition, Milk, Serena Williams Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: December 10, 2006
Shona de SouzaNovember 9, 2006

Composition 101Professor Fisichelli

Print advertisements are used to persuade consumers to buy a specific product. There are several different strategies used to persuade the consumer audience. An effective and eye catching way to get the attention of consumers is to use a celebrity. Audiences may idolize and look up to celebrities, and it is more likely for them to pay attention to an advertisement with a celebrity in it rather than an ordinary person who is not well known.

"Got Milk" advertisements are found all over. They are found on bill boards, television commercials, and magazines. This "got milk" advertisement was found in Essence magazine; a magazine which is mostly read by women in the black community. This first thing you see in this ad is the sexy lean machine and professional tennis player Serena Williams. She has high status in the black community as well as others, and what makes her appealing is her tight looking strong body.

This "got milk" advertisement promotes the buying and drinking of low fat and/or fat free milk. The medium sized white bold letters in the right center or the ad is the second thing that stands out, and it compels you to read the statement that Serena Williams makes about drinking milk. She suggests that drinking milk is good for pursuing healthy weight is also good for losing weight. She also tells that drinking milk helps her have perfect form to win titles.

The dark background is a great contrast to the white lettering. It makes the white bold letters stand out to catch your attention. The color of the letter also represents the color of milk. Serena Williams' legs reflect of a whitish glare, and this can be used to infer that she has strong bones from drinking milk. The net draped around her left shoulder, and the tennis racket in her left hand tells the sport she plays. This is helps the viewer understand what it was that she was winning titles in....
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