Prinicples of health and social care

Topics: Health care, Healthcare, Illness Pages: 4 (1452 words) Published: December 30, 2013
Task: 1.1 - Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that the individuals are cared in health care settings The principle of support is beneficial in health care settings as it makes sure that the individuals are cared for properly and in a professional way. ‘Principle’ can be defined as a rule or belief governing one’s personal behaviour. In this case, principle of support is applied by supporting a client in a manner in which the client is able to guide themselves with assistance from care workers. It is important, as a care worker, to respect a client’s individuality as this supports theirs self-care. Principle of support also applies to providing support to every individual so diversity, culture and values must be respected. Principle of support is also beneficial towards individuals with disabilities. For example, a disabled client may not be able to make a choice for themselves as a normal client can. Therefore, it is important that support is provided so care workers can help them make informed choices which are best suited to their needs. Organisations such as WHO have an aim to improve health and well-being which includes ensuring that principles of support are applied in health care settings. Supporting a client socially is included in being one of the principles of support. A client can be socially supported through friends and family members who can also help them in making informed choices. In most healthcare settings, there are interpreters which help translate information to clients and patients who are unable to understand English. This supports them by allowed them to fully understand the information that is given and make an informed decision from then on. In healthcare settings such as a hospital, there are wheelchairs for patients that are unable to walk. This means patients can use the wheelchairs without assistance which improves their self-care as they are being more independent. Some patients and clients may be unable...
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