Principles of Personal Selling

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 6 (1883 words) Published: August 7, 2010
In anything that we do there must be a principles or rules that we must follow or embark on in order to succeed in our pursuit of goals. Sales process is a systematic approach to selling a product or service thus successful sales can be achieved if the systematic approaches are being strictly obeyed. Some of the systematic approaches:

1. Customer Centered Approach
2. Establishing Rapport
3. Presentation Techniques
4. Establishing Outline Needs
5. Agreeing the problem or opportunity
6. Prioritising the Buyer Criteria
7. Gaining Commitment
1.Customer Centered Approach- It is very important for a sales person to know the features of her product and to understand the motivation of the prospect for buying a certain product by so doing preparing his/her self very well for the first ,important meeting with the client. In order words it is the beginning of new sales and might be vital to both the customer and salespersons in building a long-lasting buyer-seller relationship. In a customer-centric approach we are not trying to manipulate the benefits of our product to meet the client's needs, we are trying to determine what the client wants and match an appropriate solution to the problem.  In order to do this we must know and understand our client. Particularly in B2B markets the salesperson needs to know the company/firm and the person or persons you are meeting. An objective must be set vividly on what you want to accomplish from this initial meeting and confine them in a pre-planning grid as shown in fig.1.The grid is going to aid you in your preparation and you can think about some questions like : * How you will establish rapport with your customer and put them at ease. What will be your opening remark? * How you will gain the attention and interest of your customers. * How you will go about identifying the prospect’s need and showing some empathy with their problems /predicament * How you will put forward the benefits of your market offering and deal with any objections. The customer centred approach encloses entirely all elements in the systematic approach listed above and it’s where the trust is being build. Starting on a wrong depicts gloomy results in the meeting.

Selling(Product)To:(Person) on(Time/Date)Venue( Place of Business) Company (Firm’s name)Last Visit( date , time, what happened)| My approach / Building Rapport| Possible problems to overcome/avoid| Personal Contact- get attention| |

Gain prospect interest| |
Identify Needs| |
Express Benefits| |
Link benefits to needs| |
Handle objections and get agreement| |
Close sale| |

Fig 1 – Pre-planning grid

S o the salesperson should try to establish rapport, understand the customers awareness arouse the costumer’s awareness of the problem and maintain interest, demonstrate that the product/solution meets their needs, create a desire for the solution/proposition. 2. Establishing Rapport –this is when you have create an environment of trust and proceed to significant discussions on a sale because there was no prior business relationship. And, lack of confidence, there are no sales, no business, and no renewal business. As we said earlier, first impression counts. You can use the mirror techniques but a good practice and careful judgment in how to execute is important. Learning how to use posture, breathing patterns and word usage are all critical to allowing a customer or prospect to feel comfortable around you. Your wrong position can influence the dynamics of s meeting. Courtesy is also important, because little things make difference. Ask more relevant questions and also give complements as this can send signals and put the prospect in an ease position to talk more. The more relevant questions you ask the more relevant information from your customer /client. Always remember that the pace a...
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