Principles of Marketing Report

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Launched in 1932, Tiger beer (Tiger) is Asian Pacific Breweries’ (APB) flagship brand. Over the years, Tiger has seen beer drinkers globally acclaim Tiger as one of the finest in the world. It has consistently come out on top in world tastings, winning gold medals for its crisp, smooth, refreshing, well-balanced and flavourful taste. Tiger Beer has evolved from a local beer to become one of Singapore’s most recognised icons globally. In its 75-year history, the brew has picked up over 40 international accolades and awards. The most notable include the Gold Medal at the Brewing Industry International Awards, UK, 1998 - the equivalent of the Oscar Awards for the brewing industry - and more recently, the gold medal at the European-style Pilsner category of the 2004 World Beer Cup, considered 'the Olympics' of beer competitions by the industry. Tiger Beer has become a recognisable and sought-after premium beer and was named UK CoolBrand in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Through its close involvement in sports, dynamic brand campaigns and innovative sponsorships, Tiger has positioned itself as a leading contemporary beer brand across the world.

Company Target
Tiger Beer seeks to make connection with the new-age young adult, (early 20s – 35 year olds) who have individual and unique lifestyles, and have a strong passion for winning. Tiger Beer wants to connect with trendsetters within this segment first, so that other consumers who aspire to be like them will follow suit. Yet, reaching out to a group that is known for its fickleness involves quite a bit of work. And communicating with them becomes even trickier when a brand has cultivated a faithful following among their fathers' and uncles' generation. Tiger Beer aims to remain relevant among its young target audience of early 20 to 30 year-olds, to strengthen brand positioning and increase loyalty, and ultimately increase share of the market. Tiger Beer has been positioning itself as a unique, cool and contemporary beer that young people would want to associate with. Tiger Beer also targets international football fans. Tiger Beer has for many years been a major sponsor of sports, in particular, the broadcasting of the English Premier League in Asia. The brand is also the title sponsor of ASEAN’s most prestigious international football tournament, the Tiger Cup. Tiger Beer employs different activities to appeal to the football-loving mass.

Needs and Wants
To determine customer needs and wants, Tiger beer must first understand and then assess what products or services it can profitably provide. Tiger Beer started by using Intermarket segmentation (young adults aged 20s to mid 30s). Now that the target market has been set, Tiger Beer began to research what the common needs and characteristics these people share. Most young adults have an international outlook on life, are adventurous, confident, and aim to succeed on their own terms. Most of these young adults have the spending power and are more ready to spend on leisure, then the older generations. To the majority of young adults, the Internet is essential and they use it almost every day. Tiger Beer foresees that, and used viral videos, e-mail messages and surveys to link with the targeted customers. Tiger Beer has been holding Tiger Beer promotions associated with fashion, film and music and sports. Nowadays the young adults can enjoy a greater variety of alcohol choices. The prevalence of repertoire drinking - where young people consume Erdinger one day, Tiger the next and Heineken the following - means Tiger Beer have to strive to build brand loyalty among them. As a brand, Tiger must have the pull factor of being cool enough to be the drink of choice for the trendy.

Product features, benefits and goals for customer satisfaction Tiger beer uses only the finest natural ingredients and no artificial additives are added. The beer is brewed solely in Asia and goes through rigorous quality control checks,...
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