Principles of Marketing Assignment (Mktd101)

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MKTD101 Principles of Marketing
Assignment 1: Overview
For Assignment 1, which is worth 5% of your entire module mark, the student will have to choose a company that is marketing a product given in the list below. The student should research and write about the Marketing Environment the company operates in.

Specific Instructions:    The student should aim to write an essay of about 400 words (±50) on the topic. All answers must be typed in Times New Roman font size 12, with single spacing, and 1inch margins. Remember to fill in the following details in the cover page: o Subject code & title o Tutor name o Tutorial group o Student Name & ID number o Title of your product/company o Deadline for the assignment (i.e. the day of your tutorial) The student should choose to write about only ONE of the following (the company that markets any of the products listed below): o Smartphone o Car o Computer/laptop o Digital camera

Hand-in Instructions You will each be expected to individually submit a hardcopy of your assignment in class during the tutorial for the week of 15th to 19th August, 2011. You will need to attach the hand-in assignment cover page to your course work.

Assignment 1: Assessment Criteria
One (1) mark each will be given for identifying and describing the factors related to the company/product as follows: - The company’s microenvironment; the demographic environment; the economic and technological environment; the natural, political and social environment; the cultural environment.

Assignment 1: Analyzing the Marketing Environment

(Cover page) Subject code & title: Tutor Name: Student Name & ID Number: Title of product/company: Deadline for the assignment: (Day), (date), (month), (year) Tutorial group:

(Contents) 1. Choose a product from the list given. Identify and describe the micro and macro environmental factors that affect the company that markets that product. Hints: State the name of the company and the specific...
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