Principles of Management

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Principles of Management
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Diversity Management6

Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities7

International Business9

General Planning & Strategic Planning9
Organizing Work and Synergism10

Organization Structure and Chart11

Work Team Utilization12


Employee Training and Development13

Motivating Employees14

Leadership and Management14

Managing Conflict and Stress15

Managing Change16


Appraising and Rewarding17

Operations Management and Plans19

Operations Control20

Attachment 1, Organizational Chart24

Attachment 2, Distribution of Funds by Department25

Attachment 3, Operations Costs Breakdown by Type25

The objective of this research paper is to analyze the principles used by management at Navy Personnel Command, Millington, Tennessee. The insights of this paper apply to the basic fundamentals of management and their involvement on deciding the best ways to use Navy Personnel Command’s resources to produce services and results supXXXXXing the United States Naval Forces of the 21st century. Naval personnel matters were originally handled by the Secretary of War until the establishment of the Department of the Navy in 1798. The Bureau of Naval Personnel was located in Washington, D.C, and reXXXXXed directly to the top senior officer in the United States Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations. Due to the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) of 1993, the Bureau of Naval Personnel organization was relocated to Millington, Tennessee. The relocation to Millington, Tennessee resulted in the establishment of Navy Personnel Command in order to carry with most of the operational functions, while some oversight functions remained in Washington, D.C, to continue to fulfill roles under the Chief of Naval Operations.

Since the relocation from Washington D.C. to Millington, Tennessee, Navy Personnel Command have experienced complex changes to the organizational structure and strategic planning by acquiring additional responsibilities to centralize all resources in the United States Navy in one location and served as the Human Resources Department of the Navy. The workforce is involved with Sailors throughout their careers and lifetime, providing supXXXXX through all human resource programs and services available today. The changes in war-fighting operations, competition for recruitment of talented employees, current fiscal constraints in our government, and advances in technology, challenges the organization to better respond to the needs of the U.S. Navy supXXXXXing the Global War on Terrorism and increase the sailors’ readiness to meet the new challenges of the 21st Century. By analyzing the principles used by management at Navy Personnel Command, a final formulation will be concluded to determine the effectiveness of management at this command and how management is performing towards the organization’s success. BODY

Although this research paper is to determine the effectiveness of management in one specific organization within the United States Navy, it is imXXXXXant to understand the origin of the current Armed Forces’ vision and strategy that affects every military department (Navy, Air Force, Marines, and...

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