Principles of Management

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The Question3
Chapter 1 Introduction of leadership4
Chapter 1.1 Definition of leadership4
Chapter 1.2 Importance of leadership4
Chapter 1.3 Importance of three approaches in leadership5
Chapter 2 Traits Approach6
Chapter 2.1 The big 5 personality6
Chapter 3 Behavioural Approach7
Chapter 3.1 Theory of behavioural approach7
Chapter 3.1.1 Ohio State University – Consideration and initiating structure7
Chapter 3.1.2 University of Michigan – Employee-Oriented and Production-Oriented8
Chapter 3.2 Styles of leadership8
Chapter 4 Contingency Approach10
Chapter 4.1 Fiedler’s Least Preferred Co-worker (LPC)10
Chapter 4.2 Hersey and Blanchard’s Theory10
Chapter 5 Example: President Barrack Hussein Obama12
Chapter 6 Conclusion13

The Question

The impact of leadership in motivating displayed by the organizational follower is influenced by a multitude of differing factors, such as, the leader’s personal traits, behaviour and situation. Using various theories as guiding literature; discuss and elaborate on what you feel contribute to effective leadership as well as the consequences of having poor leadership.

Chapter 1 Introduction of leadership

In the olden days, leadership exist as early as the start of civilisation. In the modern days, leadership amended and started changing into a more complex leadership. The basis of a good leadership is an individual that is willing to contribute selfless service to the organization. The leadership in you causes an effect to the organization's objectives and the employee’s well-being. Respected leaders concentrate on what they are (such as beliefs and character), what they know (such as job, tasks, and human nature), and what they do (such as implementing, motivating, and providing proper direction).

Chapter 1.1 Definition of leadership

Leadership can be defined as a process of influencing an individual or group’s attitude or behaviour towards others. It is also a process when one individual will influence people to attain organization goals. A leader will lead but a good leader will have to influence and achieve goals. Follower’s behaviour often either good or bad, are determined by the leadership of the leader. Thus, the leader must firstly set a good example for the followers to respect and look upon to.

Chapter 1.2 Importance of leadership

Never underestimate the importance of leadership as everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership plays an important role in maximizing the efficiency and achieving the goals of organisation. Example: The roles of school teachers

Teachers can motivate and help students to get good results but a good teacher often influence, motivate the students to study hard and get good results and teach about values and morals in life.

Chapter 1.3 Importance of three approaches in leadership

Traits approach holds the beliefs that ‘leaders are born, not made.’ Behavioural approach holds the belief that ‘leaders are made and not born.’ Contingency approach is about the flexibility of adapting different behaviours and ways of solving the issues in different situations.

Chapter 2 Traits Approach

Traits approach is founded between 1930s-1940s. Scientific studies and observations are made on effective leaders all over the world and concluded that ‘leaders are born and not made’. Military sectors are very good example of traits approach. The approach is to separate people with leadership qualities separately with those who don’t have leadership qualities and position those with leadership qualities into positions that lead. A trait is a distinguished personality or character that made a person behave in a unique or special way. A person is unique because of the combination of different traits. Traits approach is about focusing on handling the differences of each individual.

Chapter 2.1 The big 5 personality

There are 5 factors in the big 5...
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