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Topics: Educational psychology, Learning theory, Self-esteem Pages: 4 (1913 words) Published: December 23, 2014

In this Case study I aim to produce a report to identify ways to improve/enhance or change the learning style of the chosen learner. I will be using Joe’s case study to explore ways that I can develop and support his learning in school and to implement the use of this source in home life. I also aim to demonstrate how Children’s learning development varies, the different types of learning and how they can be linked to theory of practice. Bloom (1956) Categorized learning objectives adjoining three major domain of cognitive, affective and psychomotor development.

7 year old Joe is one of 3 children. He has an older sister aged 10 and younger brother aged 3. Joe is Bilingual and speaks English and Mandarin. Both his parents work long hours in the week so they do not spend much time together. Joe’s parents make up for it by spending the weekends together as a family. Joe is a happy and sociable child at home and enjoys anything that is related to science or cars. Areas of Concern

Joe’s mother is concerned that he doesn’t have any friends at school, when he is invited to parties he refuses to go to them. As a practitioner to ensure Joe is fulfilling his potential I would ensure an environment that is safe and stimulating, meeting his individual needs. Stated by … (Bodrova and Leong) that ‘children become masters of their environment’ (1996, p.125) 412). Therefore Joe needs to feel welcomed in his environment and confident to approach new peers. I would introduce Joe to other children that are in his classroom and encourage him to make friends and to connect with his classmates. I would also introduce him to work within a small group of children that he has not interacted with before, offering my support at hand. Assigning Joe to group work with other peers is to motivate him to actively involve in learning. This strategy gives opportunity for Joe to learn from other children’s experiences and offers support to conjure ideas. As...

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