Principles of Information Security and Privacy

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Company Overview
Assets provides technology solutions and consulting services to cover the full spectrum of providers’ revenue cycle needs from patient access to claims denials. In addition, Metastases’ decision support suite integrates financial, clinical and administrative information, and then distributes that data enterprise wide for timely analysis and decision making to positively impact future performance. All of these solutions help ensure your facility gets paid fairly, in a timely manner, for services rendered; which could potentially improve your net patient revenue 1-3%. Revenue Capture Solutions/ Value proposition

Metastases’ revenue capture solutions help establish and sustain revenue integrity by identifying missed charges, improving clinical documentation and providing tools for case management, all working to transform the revenue cycle and yield increases in the bottom line. Whether working with a large integrated delivery network or a small rural hospital, as a knowledgeable strategic business partner, Metastases can replace multiple vendors and build a customized, multi-year program, using technology and know-how to help your facility achieve your financial and operational goals. File Transfer Protocol

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows clients to access remote file servers, list remote directories, and move files to or from remote hosts. FTP understands basic file formats and can transfer files in ASCII character or binary format. Defined in STD 9/RFC 959, FTP provides a standard UNIX-like user interface, regardless of the actual underlying operating system. FTP allows a client to upload a file to a remote host, download a file from a remote host, or move files between two remote hosts.

FTP was defined to allow file transfers between two systems without giving the user all of the capabilities that a Telnet session would (e.g., the ability to execute programs at the remote host). In some ways, FTP is more complex than Telnet....
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