principles of developmental psychology in the movie Antwone Fisher

Topics: Foster care Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Antwone Fisher is a movie directed by Denzel Washington in 2002. The movie focuses on the life of Antwone Fisher. The movie begins with a young Antwone serving in the military however, because of a terrifying past Antwone always gets himself into trouble and is always found to be in violation of the laws and policies governing the military. Antwone gets himself into a huge fight with one of his fellow sailor and as a result was demoted and confined to the ship for forty five days. He was also ordered to see a psychiatrist at which point he failed to open up about what he was going through to Dr. Davenport and was very resisting of the help. When he eventually decided to talk about what was going on with him, he reveals a past he describes as extremely horrific.

When asked about his parents, initially Antwone said that he had no parents until eventually he opened up to say that his father was killed way before he was born and that his then young mother Eva, was serving a sentence while she gave birth to him. He was placed in an orphanage until his mother’s sentence was served whereby she could collect him. This never happened and so by age two Antwone was entered into the system as a foster child. He described his foster parents as a religious couple (Mr. and Mrs. Tate) and also acknowledged the fact that he attended church along with his other two brothers every Sunday. He described being extremely fearful of Mrs. Tate who mentally and physically abused all the children she was caring for. By age fourteen Antwone had had enough of Mrs. Tate and her constant abuse and decided to stand up to her. When he did, he was thrown out of her home and was forced to live on the streets. He later turned to the military as a way out of the horrible life he had.

Antwone described to Dr. Davenport about his interest in one of his fellow sailor Cheryl who he described as extremely beautiful and who later became his girlfriend. Antwone got into a huge fight in Mexico and...
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