Principles of Aseptic Technique

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13 Principle of Asepsis
The 13 Principles of asepsis is a basic knowledge that a nursing student should always remember when preparing for an operation and when working during an operation. Since Asepsis means the absence of pathogens, these 13 principles of asepsis is not only applicable when there is an operation but it should be observe in situations where there is a need to maintain the sterility of certain articles and to maintain a sterile environment.

13 Principles of Asepsis

1. All articles used in an operation have been sterilized previously. When preparing for the equipments that are to be used for an operation, always remember that the equipments are already sterilized and therefore are free from pathogen so never touch them with your bare hands.

2. Sterile persons touch only sterile articles while unsterile persons touch only unsterile articles.

The Sterile persons only include:

Instrument Nurse
Suture Nurse

The Unsterile person include:

Circulating Nurse

3. If in doubt about the sterility of anything consider it unsterile. Ex. If you needed to use HCL and you have seen it already has a different color, remember that hydrochloric acid should always be colorless so if you have seen it otherwise then you should doubt its sterility and consider it unsterile. Another example would be if an HCL bottle does not have an expiry date, then doubt its sterility and consider it unsterile.

4. Unsterile persons, avoid reaching over sterile field while sterile persons avoid leaning over unsterile area.

5. Tables are sterile only at table levels.
When opening your gown always remember to keep at least a meter away from the table because when your gown accidentally touches below the table surface level then your gown would become unsterile.

6. Gowns are considered sterile only from the waist to shoulder level and the sleeves.

Sterile Part:

From Chest to Waist...
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