Principle of Money

Topics: 1979, 1985, 1976 Pages: 7 (2616 words) Published: April 13, 2013
BST261 Issues in Money and Banking

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David H Smith (Business Editor, The Sunday Times) Trevor Williams special lecture Peter Warburton (Economic Perspectives) John Greenwood (Chief Economist, INVESCO plc) Trevor Williams (Chief Economist, Lloyds TSB) John Greenwood (Chief Economist, INVESCO plc) John Greenwood (Chief Economist, INVESCO plc) No lecture Adam Bennett (St. Antony's College, Oxford, formerly of IMF) Adam Bennett (St. Antony's College, Oxford, formerly of IMF) No lecture Peter Warburton (Economic Perspectives)

Other useful dates: 22nd February 1st set of titles released. Pick one and write a report of 2–2,500 words. We’ll discuss the nature of the report in the tutorials. 22nd March 26th April 10th May Return your report. There is also a compulsory lecture this day, so don’t do anything silly like leaving Cardiff before then. Second set of titles released. Return the second report.

Things to bear in mind:   Attendance at all lectures is compulsory. I’m not wild about the Friday 4–6 slot, but it’s all we could get. It’s a large class, so it won’t really work if you interrupt the lecturer; please save questions for the end. And please do ask questions — they’re all nice people, and happy to help. You have 4 weeks to write the first report, but this includes the weekend you’re in Gregynog. So think about time management. You have 2 weeks to write the second report, which includes revision week — Spring exam period starts on May 13th. You’ll probably have other deadlines, so, again, you’ll have to think ahead. 2,500 words isn’t that much.

 

The module assessment is 2 reports, there is no exam.

BST261 Issues in Money and Banking Tutorials All tutorials take place in P19 (and there is a list in alphabetical order at the end.) Group 1, 9am 11th February, 25th February, 11th March, 29th April 1222632/1 1140172/2 1215229/2 1207748/2 1232586/2 1203148/2 1246462/1 1240393/1 1241254/1 1216365/2 1202510/2 1263292/1 1208082/1 1238892/1 1213147/2 1243580/2 1239084/2 Changyang Cao Liwen Chao Xi Chen Zhecong Chen Lujie Guo Ping Jin Ran Li Ruixian Li Xianming Lin Chenlong Liu Jianting Liu Mengchen Lu Lei She Yake Wang Jing Yan Zi Yin Rui Yuan Group 3, 11.10am 11th February, 25th February, 11th March, 29th April 1228435/1 1228207/2 1217947/2 1246588/1 1213680/2 1219924/1 1240660/2 1161413/2 1203699/2 1136108/2 1108918/2 1161826/2 1243772/1 1260397/1 1216389/1 1161926/1 1237434/2 Wuyou Cheng Tianxin Dai Ying Ding Fang Ji Jiajia Ji Jianneng Jian Longyue Li Xi Li Licai Luo Xuefei Sun Helen Kangyang Temtsen Hongqian Wang Sibo Wu Zixuan Yang Yuan Yao Xi Zhang Jingnan Zheng

Group 2, 10am 11th February, 25th February, 11th March, 29th April 1139986/3 1228257/1 1221083/1 1211163/1 1225877/1 1226254/1 0923528/3 1203724/1 1237342/1 1208367/1 1247510/2 1223197/1 1240819/2 1238893/1 1209807/2 1234716/2 1241376/1 Jinsheng Cai Elkhan Hasanov Xue He Yingxiang He Jin Huang Tianyu Li Guohua Liu Si Liu Xiaonan Peng Bo Su Xiaokun Wang Dahe Wu Yulin Wu Bingsen Yu Qirong Zhang Xiaofan Zheng Hao Zhong

Group 4, 12.10pm 11th February, 25th February, 11th March, 29th April 1240957/2 1161136/1 1262221/1 1209461/2 1238256/1 1236143/1 1218040/1 1137012/2 1226737/2 1231405/2 1206525/2 1210760/1 1216337/2 1216417/2 1225817/2 1261944/1 1229389/1 Sha Cao Danxuan Chen Xuefeng Ding Ye Ding Xiaosheng Ji Willy Lee Junjie Liu Lulu Liu Xiaowei Liu Daming Long Zhe Lu Yue Qin Xiaolin Sun Wenting Wang Ke Xing Chunyuan Yu Yan Yu

Group 5, 1.10pm 11th February, 25th February, 11th March, 29th April 1060743/1 1161010/1 0923534/3 1201488/2 0943617/4 1241638/2 1218042/1 1265734/1 1201476/2 1206031/2 1213151/2 1230684/2 1235305/2 1244011/1 1054377/2 1228059/2 1235438/3 Telman Azhgaliyev Tianyin Chen Yuanyuan Fan...
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