Principle of Marketing

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Principles of Marketing
Promotion: Overview and Personal Selling

Promotion Mix
Personal Selling Advertising Publicity Sales Promotion

Elements in the Communication Process (Fig. 14.2)

Promotion Strategy
Strategic Objectives Appropriate Tasks Budget Implementation Evaluation and Control

Strategic Issues
Integration Relationships Goals: Information, Persuasion, Reminder Consumer Considerations: AIETA Model Target

Integrated Marketing Communications (Fig. 14.1)
Advertising Personal selling

Sales promotion Public relations

Direct marketing

A View of the Communications Process
Marketers View Communications as the Management of the Customer Relationship Over Time Through the Following Stages: Preselling Preselling Selling Selling

PostPostConsumption Consumption

Consuming Consuming

The Adoption Process Product Life Cycle

AIETA and the Promotion Mix: The right tool for the job.
Advertising -teaser campaigns -pioneering ads -jingles/slogans -outdoor -internet banners Publicity -newsworthy “stunts” -news announcements -trade announcements

Advertising -information ads -image ads

Advertising -persuasion ads -image ads -testimonials -comparative ads

Advertising -retailer co-op ads -POP materials -sales promotion ads

Advertising -reminder ads

Publicity -news coverage -human interest stories

Publicity -consumer welfare reports

Personal Selling -mentions -samples -brochures, etc.

Personal Selling -benefits (prepared or formula approaches)

Personal Selling -consultative selling

Personal Selling -closed deal

Personal Selling -consultative selling

Sales Promotion -demonstrations -displays -tie-ins

Sales Promotion -trade discounts -trade allowances

Sales Promotion -samples -coupons -rebates -price packs -premiums

Sales Promotion -patronage rewards -contests

Promotion Targets—Push/Pull

Promotion Mix Strategies
Strategy that Calls for Spending A Lot on Advertising and Consumer Promotion to Build Up (Pull) Consumer Demand. Strategy Selected Depends on: Type of ProductMarket & Product Life-Cycle Stage Strategy that Calls for Using the Salesforce and Trade Promotion to Push the Product Through the Channels.

Setting the Total Promotion Budget
One of the Hardest Marketing Decisions Facing a Company is How Much to Spend on Promotion. Affordable Percentage of Sales Percentage of Sales

Based on What the Company Can Afford

Based on a Certain Percentage Based on a Certain Percentage of Current or Forecasted Sales of Current or Forecasted Sales Based on the Competitor’s Based on the Competitor’s Promotion Budget Promotion Budget

Objective-and-Task Objective-and-Task

Based on Determining Based on Determining Objectives & Tasks, Then Objectives & Tasks, Then Estimating Costs Estimating Costs

Competitive-Parity Competitive-Parity

Objective and Task Method

Example of Objective and Task Budgeting

Sales Management and Personal Selling
Strategic objectives:
Awareness—mentions, samples, etc. Interest—benefit information, missionary Evaluation—consultative selling Trial—consultative selling (closing) Adoption—consultative selling

The Role of the Sales Force
Personal selling is effective because salespeople can:
probe adjust negotiate build

Major Steps in Sales Force Management (Fig. 16.1)
Designing Salesforce Strategy and Structure Designing Salesforce Strategy and Structure Recruiting and Selecting Salespeople Recruiting and Selecting Salespeople Training Salespeople Training Salespeople Compensating Salespeople Compensating Salespeople Supervising Salespeople Supervising Salespeople Evaluating Salespeople Evaluating Salespeople

Some Traits of Good Salespeople

Selecting Salespeople
Sales Aptitude Sales Aptitude

Other Characteristics Other Characteristics

Selection Process Usually Evaluates a Person’s
Personality Traits Personality Traits...
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