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Executive summary

To Excel the services of the business across the nation and to be known both locally and globally under the banner:

HESLOP’S AUTO LTD is a private limited company, which deals with the sales of automotives. It is located in the heart of New Kingston, 8 Belmont Avenue. There are currently (12) twelve members of staff; 9 skilled, 2 un-skilled and 1 semi-skilled. Our fixed capital comes from selling shares or bonds etc. while our working capital comes from debt or stock issuance. The (3) three, main function of our entrepreneur are: risk-bearing, managerial and organizational. The type of production our business uses is tertiary, meaning that our business purchases vehicles from a variety of manufacturing companies’ overseas and sells them to the general public. Wanting to broaden our market and please our customers as well with different varieties we chose surplus as our level of production. Inspections of the vehicles are taken place (1) one day after they arrive at the firm. The technology uses are fax machines, computers, scanners and so on. Backward linkages allow for affordable prices when buying from manufacturers and good profit when making sales. We allow our business to grow by sticking to our motto. The only government regulation that is currently affecting the business are the taxes, but this is now fully under control. Our business sponsors many organizations and cause, thus giving the company a great public view.

Objectives/Mission Statement

HESLOP’S AUTO LTD not only wants to generate a profit but to widen the service of the business across the nation and to become known both local and globally under a banner of “Quality with Affordability”. We want to achieve sales of $10 million in the next 6 months. Heslop’s Auto is the only automotive company locatated in new Kingston it is the most effective organization that supplies 2/3 of the entire new Kingston area with car parts and accessories .it is most effective because people who are employed in new Kingston and owns a car can easily come to work and actually step next door and buy any parts for their vehicle without the hassling to reach other company for the same service in a more distant area. I Odeen Heslop am the only stakeholder to the organization so any rise or fall I will bare the burden or carry the success with pride.


Type of Business–
HESLOP’S AUTO LTD is an sole trader establishment that deals with the sales of automotives. It is a private limited company operating in a mixed economy. The proprietor of the business is Odeen Heslop who is known to be young but a dedicated professional. HESLOP’S AUTO LTD purchases directly from automobile manufacturers overseas. This enables the firm to provide vehicles at affordable prices to the general public while still acquiring substantial pro HESLOP’S AUTO LTD also boots the service of custom orders direct from the manufacturer. The capital, which is $1,500,000, has been generated through savings and a healthy loan from the bank that has been settled.

HESLOP’S AUTO LTD is located in the heart of New Kingston at 8 Belmont Avenue, Kingston 5. This location was chosen after a strategic market study was conducted. It was determined the location would allow for great promotional activities such as advertising because of its centralized placement which would greatly influence the growth and profitability of the business over time, and being that HESLOP’S AUTO LTD offers affordable prices on motor vehicles it allows for competitiveness which will help the business to keep ahead of market changes such as pricing and the desired models of cars that are the latest fads among consumers as HESLOP’S AUTO LTD would be the first choice. The area also has good drainage; the street is free of debris and potholes. Our opening hours are mon-Friday 8:30 am -6:00 pm , Saturdays 9:00am to 5:00 pm and Sundays 10:00 am to 4:00pm .

Justification of Location


AUDI Q7 (2011)
BMW X6 (2009)
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