Principal Problems Facing the European Union

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I choose two important problems facing European Union nowadays, the first one is the integration of the Turkey, which wait to integrate the European Union since 1963. The second one is the constraints of the euro today, which increase the economic power of the euro zone, However, it weakens its influence.

Turkey, a candidate who is being debated

Turkey is a country waiting to integrate the European Union, having filed his candidacy in 1963. This one was formalized after the return of democracy in the country in 1967. Since then, Turkey expects the effective implementation of its accession negotiations. Moreover, the future of Turkey in the European Union has darkened after the victory of the party of justice, where the president of the European Convention, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, said that the entry of Turkey in the European Union sign the end of it. So,we can ask ourselves about the various disadvantages and advantages as regards the accession. Thus, we see in the first part what are the economic and geographic arguments, which then will join a strategic argument. Then in the second part, we will show the religious, historical, cultural and political views.

To introduce this first part we can specify that the European Union in December 2004 took the historic decision to open accession negotiations with Turkey. The official talks were opened October 3, 2005. Turkey's candidacy to the European Union is one of the great debates that have punctuated the process of European construction: the Treaty of Maastricht, the single currency …

Let us first consider the economic arguments.

What cost to the entry of Turkey in Europe? Economists estimate that there is a risk of long-term''unfair competition''from this country with the rest of the European Union. In addition, the Turkish economy is weaker than that of the union, it might be a flood of immigration.The geographical argument is based on the fact that Turkey is not European, its capital is not in Europe, it has 95% of its population outside of Europe. Indeed this is one of the main arguments of Valery Giscard d'Estaing:''The problem is that the definition of European borders is absolutely artificial and has varied over time.'On the other hand, as mentioned above we can associate with geographic sometimes conflicting arguments at a strategic one, as its location at the crossroads of continents, the entry of Turkey into Europe put this last. Indeed, Turkey could become the spokesman of the European Union in Muslim countries and maybe they will listen more easily a message issued by a country near you. It would be a great message of tolerance towards the Muslim religion.

Now lets see the religious viewpoints.

Recall the current controversy for a number of countries in Europe, and Turkey demonstrates, of the place of Islamic head-scarves in lay countries. It is necessary to reaffirm the principle of secularism in Europe, the absence of religious discrimination and did not register (as requested by the Pope) the notion of Catholic religious heritage. Second, closely related, historical and cultural arguments point out that Turkey was a certain time the enemies of Europe (particularly in reference to the Ottoman Empire). Moreover, the goal of Europe is to bring together countries to find common ground and prevent a war between them (the origin of Europe with the Franco-German). Finally, some people say we can not find points of convergence between European countries and Turkey, which does not have a common culture with the countries of the union. Note that Turkey has more in common with Greece than it with the Baltic countries. And to finish this last part, the political arguments show what appears to be the most important European states, it is their loss of power in parliament, because they are percentages of lower population. France and Germany would lose their place as the most important powers of Europe being outnumbered by Turkey, which seems to have less...
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