Principal of Management

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Leadership and management are often considered practically overlapping concepts. But are they? Is there a difference between the two concepts or leadership is a facet of management and therefore cannot be separated? Virtually all organizations, including large corporations, academia, Leadership theorists, researchers and authors are concerned about the difference and believe it is important.

Leadership versus Management
There are many diverse definitions of leadership.
Peter Drucker sums up that: "The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers. To gain followers requires influence but doesn't exclude the lack of integrity in achieving this” (Yukl, 1989). Some theorists believe that leadership is no different from the social influence processes occurring among all members of a group and others believe that leadership is everything someone is doing in order to lead effective.

The classic question if leaders are made or born is still is concerning many researchers. The answer to this question varies. Although it is unexceptionable that leading isn’t easy, leaders should have some essential attributes such as vision, integrity, trust, selflessness, commitment, creative ability, toughness, communication ability, risk taking and visibility (Capowski, 1994).

Some would define management as an art, while others would define it as a science. Whether management is an art or a science isn't what is most important. Management is a process that is used to accomplish organizational goals. That is, a process that is used to achieve what an organization wants to achieve.

But do leaders and managers have the same role? Can organizations have only leaders or only managers?
A well balanced organization should have a mix of leaders and managers to succeed, and in fact what they really need is a few great leaders and many first-class managers (Kotterman, 2006)

Managers and Leaders:
Managers are the people to whom...
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