Principal Induction Program

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Induction programs are a key to the success of any profession in the work force, from the unskilled assembly job, to the manager of a business. Such a program outlines the expectations placed on that person, and to help achieve the highest rate of success in their career. Nowhere is this more evident in school systems today. In such a fast paced, high-pressure atmosphere that is under the scrutiny of the public eye, a district employee needs every resource that is available to them to excel. Designing a program for a newly hired principal would encompass many different avenues. It's been said that an educators learning on the job is a life-long process. This is true for teachers, but even more so for principals with the amount of responsibility placed on them. They walk a fine line of not only understanding the school's culture and their place in it, but the managerial aspects as well. They are one of the few people that are placed in the position to diagnose and act on a school's needs. Few other people have this viewpoint. An effective induction program has to meet the wide array of topics that may arise on a daily basis.

Before detailing further, one must stop to think of the goal, or objective of the program. A principal may get pulled in a dozen different directions every day, but their main underlying focus should still be the children. The programs objective should never stray far from improving teaching and learning, so that students are equipped with strong academic foundations. An effective induction program can be the vehicle needed in which to cover all of the numerous aspects of principal's duties.

Implementation of an induction program could work a couple of different ways. Varying school districts have varying methods of incorporating programs. Some districts "encourage" new principals to become involved, and other districts programs are mandated by the state, under recently implemented Education Accountability Acts that are aligned with...
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