Princess Diana

Topics: Royal family, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, British Royal Family Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: March 13, 2001
One year ago, the death of a princess brought an entire world to tears. The wounds are slowly healing and the grief is less painful. What remains are the lessons that can be learned from a phenomenon that few can entirely forget. At the time it was a mystery. A divorced member of the royal family of a medium-sized European nation dies in a banal car accident in Paris, and for a week the sun, moon and stars are knocked off their appointed tracks. Within days, Europe suffers a shortage of cut flowers as tens of thousands of bouquets are laid before the house of the victim. Demand for newsprint soars; the funeral, watched live on television throughout the world, attracts an audience of 1 billion.

A few years later, the mystery remains. What was the Diana phenomenon all about? Diana's former husband, Prince Charles, is more popular than he has been for years. The French authorities are still looking for the white Fiat Uno. Real news – terrorism, Russia, Bill Clinton's sex life, two pregnant Spice Girls, all this knocks the event from the front pages. And we wonder: those flowers, that grief, ‘The People's Princess.' Why did Diana move us so?

"I think the biggest disease this world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved, and I know that I can give love for a minute, for half an hour, for a day, for a month, but I can give. I'm very happy to do that and I want to do that," says Diana (2, page 96). Princess Diana in a changing world like ours today there is many uncertainties. There is one thing we are sure about, that's our own pass. When you look back at your life are you going to see yourself as a leader or a follower? There is one woman from the last century, one that sticks out, to have been a leader for us. We need more women like Princess Diana to step up and become leaders in this changing world. Diana was associated with over 150 charities, and was president or patron of more than 90. Hospital patients sometimes awoke...
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