Princess Culture

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Essay 3- Princess Culture.

The princess culture can have a phenomenal effect on how little girl’s mature, perceive themselves, and even how they see their roll as a woman today. One of the biggest impacts on the princess culture is the tale of Cinderella, which we are going to dive into. Cinderella unmasks some of the questions that go along with this issue. We will look at how it shows how girls look at themselves, where the industry of the princess culture has steered us, and how different cultures use their values in the versions of folk tales and versions of Cinderella. This leaves us with one question asked in the article by Tomchin an author for Jewish Woman International ask, “How would you define the potential harm in the princess culture?” Maybe the biggest impact that the princess culture has left on our culture is how our little girls look at themselves. The leader of the princess movement recently has been Disney and the Disney princess line. A few girls want to be a Cinderella, and they want that happy ending that in which all of the versions seem to end in, but the world puts a steriotype on little girls today. According to research done by NBC the princess culture industry is somewhere around a 4 Billion dollar industry that has brain washed all the little girls to think that they should be treated like a princess all day, and every day. This might single handedly be the biggest impact that we have seen through the princess culture. In the recent years, we have seen a spreading of the princess culture to other things in our society. Have you ever gone to a Disney theme park and seen all of the little girls that want to have the dress, the slippers, and the hair all done? The article written by Krista Jahnke an author at the Wichita Eagle newspaper, expresses concern about princess culture in depth and makes the point that the princess craze is becoming very major. It ranges from parties,...
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