Princes September

Topics: Lories and lorikeets, English-language films, Parrot Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: October 30, 2014
The King and queen of Siam and their nine daughters. Queen finds it confusing with the names of them. So King decided to call them by the names of the months. The youngest one was named September. The King’s gifts: the king had a peculiar habit of gifting others on his birthday. One year he gifted his daughters each with a green parrot in a golden cage. They were happy in spending with the parrots who can sing “God save the King” and “Pretty Polly” in seven languages. But Princess September was sad because she found her parrot died one day morning. However the queen and her maids tried to console, she was not. And crying without eating her supper. That night Princess September saw a little bird come into her room. It began to sing. It sang about king’s garden, the gold fish, the willow tree etc. the princess forgot about her supper. The little bird was very courteous to the princess. Though it was not looking pretty it sang well. The princess was delighted and went to sleep. The next morning, the bird was taken to her eight sisters. The bird sang different melodious songs to them. The king and the queen were surprised and delighted to see the bird. The king praised that the bird sang much better than the parrots, who reminded of his councilors speaking in seven languages. The eight sisters of the princess September were jealous of this. The parrots also looked sad. But the bird flew round. It sang like a lark and a nightingale. So they went to her and told her that they would buy, with their pocket money, a beautiful parrot for her in the place of her dead parrot. But she refused and said that she has a pet bird who sings melodiously for her. The bird has gone to her father-in-law. They said, she cannot call that bird as hers because it can fly away at any time, as it is not inside the cage. They told her “safety first”. The Princess started worrying about her little bird. It might have been caught in the snares. The hawks...
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