Princedoms In Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince

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According to Niccolo Machiavelli, in his first chapter of “The Prince,” princedoms, states can be either republics or princedoms and these last ones can be either acquired new which I suppose by conquest or power, or they could be inherited by a prince’s ancestors. The 1500s were still times where there were many kings and princes all over europe and the world. But it was also a time where many republics were born, or they were young and growing republics. When Machiavelli said “...and he who acquires them does so either by his own arms or by the arms of others, and either by good fortune or by merit” to me, this means that princes--or mercenaries since it says “..or by the arms of others..” --had to fight for these lands, which they could only conquer if they were lucky or by the effort they put into their conquests.
In chapter two, Machiavelli describes princedoms that are hereditary. Kingdoms that are used to the rule of a prince and his ancestors are easier to rule than a new state, whose inhabitants might...

It seems reasonable that it’s easier to retain and expect more loyalty from the people in that province since communication is easier. Also, when they have things in common such as language, they usually have other customs in common thus making it easier for the prince to be in accord with his people. One example of this would be “...Brittany, Burgundy, Gascony, and Normandy, which have so long been united to France.” These kingdoms all had different languages, but they had similar customs. The author gives two tips to those who acquire a state and want to keep it; first, that the new ruler completely should get rid of the previous prince and anyone of his bloodline, and second, the new prince should not make any changes to the province’s laws or taxes. I assume that by not doing this last one would lead to angry people and eventually...
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