Prince Morocco: Analysis

Topics: The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare, Love Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: December 5, 2011
William Shakespeare has written numerous works that have circulated the globe because of their vast popularity. His pieces are those that came to understand the needs and desires of his audience which resulted in mass appreciation overall. One of his well know plays, The Merchant of Venice, deals with common issues that the audiences in which Shakespeare wrote for could connect to. Shakespeare identifies characters through their speeches, soliloquies and the rest of their acted personalities. From this approach of getting to know characters, it may be how the audience can distinguish said characters as seeming very real and alive. The play could be perceived as complex due to the many conflicts that arise. One character in particular stands out as a contributor to a main conflict in the play. Ashamed and insecure at first however later proud, Prince Morocco initially sets the stage the suitors of Portia that follow. Regardless of how Prince Morocco is only depicted in The Merchant of Venice in two scenes, his egotistical actions due to his selfishness, his conflict with his newly found fate, and his inferred entanglement between self interest and love are uncovered. Prince Morocco is initially introduced as one who is seeking Portia’s hand in marriage. The Prince of Morocco asks Portia to ignore his dark complexion and attempts to win her by picking one of the three caskets; having only one contain her portrait which is the one he hopes to find. Prince Morocco explains his thoughts on each of the caskets as he reads the inscriptions on them. He says the lead casket is not worth hazarding everything for and quickly disregards it. When he comes to the silver casket he comments, “Thou dost deserve enough and yet enough may not extend so far as to the lady’’(II.vii.27-29). He exposes his secret fear that he may not deserve Portia. He considers silver not to be grand enough for Portia, for as her stature is far greater, and sends away this casket as well....
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