Primula Park Hotel Case

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Primula Parkroyal Hotel: Positioning and managing for turnaround
Table of Contents Introduction 1 SWOT 2 Strength 2 Weaknesses 3 Opportunities 3 Threats 3 Target Segmentation 4 Commercial Guest 4 Corporate Promotion Strategy 4 Daily Stays Promotions 5 Weekly Stays Promotions 5 Corporate Conference Segment Packages 5 Full Day Meeting Package 6 Half Day Meeting Package 7 Individual Traveler 8 Individual 8 Family 10 HR strategy 11 High rate of absenteeism 11 English language Training 11 Job rotation and Employee relations 11

Figure 1: Conference Room Interior 6 Figure 2: Meeting Room Layout 6 Figure 3: Individual Traveler 8 Figure 4: Room's interior 9

The Primula Parkroyal is a four star hotel in Kuala Terengganu, was going through a strategic change after a new Management took over in 1996. Rodney Hawker, PPR’s General Manager was working on the new market strategy for the hotel in 1998. Some of the key areas to look into are the segment of markets to target, and how he should position the hotel to compete with other hotel in Kuala Terrengganu and hotels n other destination in the background of unfolding Asian financial crisis.
The hotel is located in the South China Sea in Kuala Terengganu in North eastern state of peninsular Malaysia, an oil-rich state with a population of over 850,000 comprising mostly Malay Muslims. PPR was the first four star hotel to be build along the Eastern Coast of Peninsular Malaysia n the eighties. In1996, the Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation took over PPR’s management from the state agency for ‘twelve plus five year’s contract’ to manage the hotel.
In managing strategic change of the hotel, the management focused upgrading the physical facilities of the hotel, re-marketing and positioning of the hotel, staff training and changing work culture.
To re-market and position the hotel, the management has to look at the segment to target and the internal renovation has to be undertaken.


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