Primo Levi

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Primo Levi Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: December 12, 2010
The Reawakening, by Primo Levi, is a sequel to his first novel, Survival in Auschwitz. It is a deeply powerful memoir of his liberation from the most brutal concentration camps of them all, Auschwitz. Published in 1946, the story of Primo Levi’s pursuit for freedom has inspired many people around the world. Levi’s quest back home to Italy was a grueling mission, from ruthless acts of the Nazi regime, the traumatic effects of imprisonment in Auschwitz and the near death experience of hunger and illness. The Holocaust brought a cloud of darkness filled with pain and despair. Very few victims of the Holocaust survived and those who did found it extremely hard to cope with the traumatic memories that the Holocaust instilled in them. Those who were liberated from Nazi persecution did not feel the freedom they longed for but instead felt that their quest for freedom was like a dream; a nightmare that they would never wake up from. It is fair to say that Primo Levi’s journey back home was his own “reawakening” from the nightmare of Auschwitz. Primo Levi’s encounters, tenacity and determination kept his moral spirit alive enabling him to survive one of the most grueling times in history. The liberation of Nazi concentration camps by allied forces was a great accomplishment during the World War II. After many long years, the victims of the concentration camps were finally granted freedom. However, the chance of survival for the recently liberated prisoners was just as dim as if they were in the camps. Many Jews wanted to immigrate to the “promise land” located in Israel but because of the lack of resources and strict immigration laws many were unable to do so. Primo Levi, a survivor from Auschwitz, encounters many challenges through his ten month quest back to his home in Italy. Levi’s determination to return to his “promise land” forced him fight against the great darkness of death, illness and hunger. Levi’s long and grueling journey made him realize that liberty...
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