Prime Number and Race

Topics: Prime number, Nontotient, Tire Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: March 14, 2005
NASCAR Racing is not just a sport but a true science. There are many different things to consider about NASCAR racing. There is an average of 250 to 400 laps in a race. There is usually 400 to 500 miles in a race. There are many types of tracks. Some tracks you ride on a 30° turn and flat straightaway. There are small oval shape tracks or large oval shape track. There are also street tracks that range up to 200 laps. There are 43 racers on the track at the start of the race (see appendix A).

There are seven types of flags. There is red, white, checkered, black, yellow, and green flag (see appendix B). A red flag is used to stop the race. A white flag is where there is one lap to go. A checkered flag means the race is over. A black flag means that a racer has to leave the race. This could mean the driver broke the rules or there is something wrong with the car. When a car, or cars, wreck the yellow flag comes out telling other drivers to slow down. When the race starts or comes back from being a yellow flag it becomes a green flag.

Racers compete for points to see who wins the season. In the point standings a First place is 175 points, Second place is 170 points then it drops down points for every position (see appendix C). The driver who leads the most laps in a single race gets 10 extra bonus points. The racer in last place gets 34 points. The teams must consider many things to win.

In order to win, teams have to understand the science of racing. The science of racing includes things like track surface, tire wear, aerodynamics, fuel consumption, and track line. The drivers usually changes their tires every 50 to 80 laps, unless if there is a caution flag. This depends on the track surface and tire type. Aerodynamics is also important because it controls your speed and how much grip the car has in the turns. Fuel usage is important to not lose the race by running out. They also have people that do a calculating.

Finally NASCAR is more...
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