Prime Minister Robert Borden and Canada’s Role in the British Empire

Topics: World War I, British Empire, Canada Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: February 26, 2013
When WW1 started in 1914, Britain controlled Canada’s foreign policy. As the war raged, Canadians disagreed over Canada’s future role in the British Empire. But some people sided with the Conservative Prime Minister Robert Borden, who wanted Canada to remain in the British Empire. His government used Propaganda to keep Canadian patriotism at a high pitch, during the War. To maintain the strength and numbers at the front lines, Prime Minster Robert Borden passed the Military Service Act in July 1917. The act introduced Conscription-forced military service. The conscription divided Canada, but it made little difference to the war effort. In 1919 , when Canada had to go the peace conference held in Paris, Robert Borden argued that Canadians’ wartime record give them the right to sit independently because even at that time Canada was still controlled by Britain. And Canada also signed the treaty by itself. Robert Borden did make huge difference in Canada’s identity by taking that small step and he made the world realize that we can be an independent country too. THE BATTLE OF PASSCHENDAELE

In 1917, Canadian troops were asked to take Passchendaele Ridge. They had to break through the German lines near Ypres, Belgium. This Battle became known as the Third Battle of Ypres. The battle of Passchendaele just became a part of this larger battle. It was very important to capture the German occupied Belgium channel ports because most of Germany’s deadly submarines were operated from them. Through the three months of fighting the Canadians proved themselves as an elite fighting Corp and received honors reflecting that. In the end, 9 soldiers received the Victoria Cross in recognition of their outstanding effort at Passchendaele. This battle is remembered for its atrocious conditions, heavy causalities, and Canadian heroism.
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