Prime Minister and Western Mongolia

Topics: Mongolia, Gobi Desert, Prime minister Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: October 12, 2008
Located in Middle Asia, Mongolia is the nineteenth largest country in the world. Its major trading companion is it’s neighboring country, China. Mongolia is a parliamentary republic, and has a parliament, president, and State Great Khural. Mongolia’s main attraction is the Naadam festival. It includes archery, horse racing, and Mongol wrestling. These sprots test the masculinity of the Mongolian men. Mongolia is mostly covered (about 80%) with pastures.

Mongolia is a parliamentary republic. The people elect the parliament, and the parliament elects the president. Mongolia consists of many political parties, including the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party and the Democratic Party. Mongolia guarantees freedom of expression, religion and many other civil rights. Mongolia’s current president is Nambaryn Enkhbayar. The president of Mongolia has a symbolic role. Three requirements needed to take office are that the individual must be native-born Mongolian, at least 45 years old, and have resided in Mongolia 5 years before taking office. Mongolia uses a unicameral parliamentary system. The government chosen by the legislature exercises executive power. The legislative side of Mongolian government is the State Great Khural. The State Great Khural elects the Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister is Sanjaagiin Bayar. The deputy Prime Minister is Miyeegombyn Enkhbold.

Mongolia has a very interesting culture. Mongolia holds a Naadam festival over a three-day period during the summer. It includes archery, horse racing, and Mongolian wrestling, which are considered the three masculine sports in Mongolia. Other sports such as table tennis, basketball, and soccer are very popular. The typical home for a mongolian is a yurt. Yurts are tent like structures that were the basis of the development of traditional mogolian architecture. Popular music in Mongolia includes rap, rock, techno, and hip-hop. Mongolia’s economy is centered in agriculture and mining. Mongolia...
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