Primary Source Analysis

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Blake Holder
Dr. Paul McCormick
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15 January 2013
Primary Source Analysis
This image does not have a clear title or author, but it was published in 2009 on a blog website called “Book Scribbles”. The image connects today’s society to me, because most teens and young adults are technology based; almost everything they do has to do with technology, and they do not know the traditional roots of all novels. As clearly stated in this image, this young boy does not know either. Looking at this illustration by an unknown artist, the young boy is sitting on a couch surrounded by today’s modern technology. He is watching television, while listening to his IPOD, with his laptop open on his lap. This boy is consumed by today’s technologic society. He is holding a novel in his hand in confusion, making it the center of attention of the image. The boy is simply lazy and does not appreciate the importance of the novel. This image suggests that the young boy has conformed to today’s technology based society and does not appreciate the classic novel that we have come to know and love due to the boom in an electronic style of the book in the e-book and e-reader.

The unknown author of this image has stated a pattern of the young boy being consumed by the technology of today. Since the creation of technology, people have become fascinated with its ways. They have wanted to learn its ways since its beginnings. The boy in this image has become one of those followers. All types of today’s technology

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surround him. He has a laptop on his lap while listening to his IPOD. On top of both of those, he also has his television on, as well. However, he does have a book in his hand. But, he asks how to turn it on. Little does he know, you cannot turn on a book, you simply open it and flip the pages. This states that in today’s society, that people are becoming less and less appreciative of all novels. With the recent...

Cited: "Book Scribbles." Web log post. : -30-. N.p., 2009. Web. 29 Jan. 2013. <>.
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