Primary School Children Should Not Be Given Homework?

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Primary school children should not be given homework

Should children have homework in a primary school? It’s not a question for me. Of course they should. My strong opinion is based on my life experience and my observations. I observed children in school for years and may say that there is apparent difference between children who are doing their homework and children who have nothing to do after school. First of all, children should have homework because it helps to strengthen their knowledge of material that was covered in class. Also completing homework correctly, on-time and neatly insists a sense of discipline and “routine” in children. This sense of routine will become helpful as they grow into adulthood and tackle college and their careers afterwards. Secondly, a child who has homework will grow more responsible and patient because homework always needs kids’ attention and efforts. Additionally, there is always a possibility to learn something new or learn something deeper. I think that it is easier to remember what you were taught in the lesson when you have some little practice at home. Practice and revision make perfection. There is plenty of time for playing on the weekends and after they finish homework. I believe that parents that do not enforce homework upon their children are not setting them up well for the future. Being a child in school years means you are there to learn. Children need the time extended to them for learning. And as parents we are hardly sending the right message to them by not enforcing it. Homework should be a priority and shouldn’t be an inconvenience in parental life. Furthermore, I consider homework as a chance to know the strong and weak sides in children’s knowledge. Do your kids just dream off in school and not pay attention or learn anything? You easily can understand it. Additionally, kids don’t actually learn until they show it. In school students just copy , the whole class does everything together all the time....
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