Primary Health Care in Papua New Guinea

Topics: Health care, Healthcare, Medicine Pages: 6 (2169 words) Published: August 18, 2013
The issue of whether the government should provide free health care in Papua New Guinea has been debated widely in our country recently. It is an important issue because health care has great impact on peoples’ lives in all walks of life. Health is a basis of good life and happiness. Without better health care life would be very difficult when it comes to deal with health related issues and emergencies especially in rural areas and those disadvantage ones in the urban centres. Health is for all meaning everyone must have access to better which is affordable at the lowest price and it should be for all the citizens regardless of their ethnicity, race, wealth, educational qualification or their social status in the communities. The health workers must collaborate with the local communities and other stake holders in order to efficiently deliver the much needed services to the people. This essay will discuss why primary health care is important and emphasize on some of issues that are affecting the distribution and delivery of health care in Papua New Guinea. The government should subsidise free health care to help those people who can’t afford to pay for the increasing hospital bills. There is money to fund more medical supplies, employ specialist doctors and nurses in all clinical settings so that in the future people seeking health care will be served. It is asserted that most health workers were reluctant to go and serve in the rural settings because poor infrastructure and deteriorated health facilities. Namah argues that the government should look seriously into the health care system and review the health policies and strengthened it to be effective so that all the citizens may have access to better health care at their door step rather than travelling into towns and cities during emergencies. It has been argued that the government were negligent to import medical equipment’s which will be used to diagnose and treat diseases in the country. Namah (2013, March, 28) who extended his sympathy and condolences to the people of Angoram over the death Schulze, said it was sad to see people dying because of a lack of life-saving equipment in hospitals. He argued that successive governments had denied the people the right to better health facilities. Moreover, it is unreasonable to expect taxpayers to pay for the hospital bills when the government has all the money to subsidise health care. Therefore, the government should invest more money and resources into the health sector so the all the people can access better health care in all settings. Primary health care is one of the key ingredients for building a strong foundation for a successful future especially for the young generation. From an early age, children can recognize healthy habits and understand why they are important. As children grew up and become more sophisticated in their understanding, they learn and can adopt a variety of ways to minimize illness and enhance health. Adolescents and young adults can identify and describe ways to reduce health risk. For example, exercise, diet and refusal to harmful substances like drugs and alcohol. They will be able to apply the effects of health-related actions to success in their homes or at school. It has been asserted that children who develop an effective understanding of basic health promotion can establish the foundation for achieving and maintaining personal health and well-being by making informed wellness decisions now and throughout their lives. In Papua New Guinea, half of the total population is children and a large number of them are adolescents. According to the National Youth Commission, only 10% of school leavers each year end up in further education or get jobs. 90% of those adolescents end up unemployed in the community. The programs currently in place to address issues affecting adolescence are very limited in their approach and are usually addressed together with youth programs....
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