Primary Colors

Topics: Bill Clinton, President of the United States, Political campaign, Democratic Party / Pages: 4 (951 words) / Published: Mar 24th, 2013
Film Review: Primary Colors The film I reviewed for this assignment was Primary Colors; the film is very closely related to Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. The film stars John Travolta who plays a charismatic southern governor by the name of Jack Stanton. Jack is trying to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States. Henry Burton, an idealist is impressed by Jack’s warmth and likeability with the people so he joins Jack’s team as a political adviser. This is an example of material covered in lecture; Jack Stanton’s party was very influential so they recruited Burton. After participating in an intense debate against his democratic rivals, Henry’s ex-girlfriend asks Jack a question about his previous arrest during the 1968 democratic convention in Chicago. Jack’s team of political advisors becomes worried that his blemished past could come into play and effect his chances to win. The team hires Jack’s old friend Libby Holden and basically keep her on retainer. The presidential advisors hired her in anticipation to womanizing allegations that might surface since Jack was notorious for that. Libby Holden’s job is to respond to attacks that can negatively affect Jack’s candidacy. One of the women Jack was having an affair with produces secret taped conversations of the pair to prove that the affair took place. After finding out that the tapes have been altered, Libby finds the man responsible for the tapes. Libby forces him at gunpoint to sign a letter admitting what he did so the public can see. The campaign team is shocked when “Big Willie”, Jack’s old friend tells Burton that his 16 year old daughter is pregnant and Jack is the father. They convince Big Willie to keep quiet on the issue. Jack’s team decides to take a different approach to the campaign since they are falling behind in the polls. Jack attacks his rival, Senator Lawrence Harris for being pro-Israel and also for wanting to cut

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