Primary Color

Topics: White, Primary color, Green Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Monique Braman

There are many colors in the world. Ever wonder what the most popular colors are? The top three popular colors are blue, purple an white. These colors are popular worldwide. They are all seen and known differently. Blue is the first and most common color. Around the world it is popular in seventeen different countries. Blue is a very calming color. It is seen as a very trustworthy and loyal color too many people. This color has an equal appeal to both men and women. Not knowing this color is the least gender specific and people apply the color blue to males. Purple the second liked color of fourteen percent worldwide. Purple is seen as love but little do people know it is known for wisdom. The color purple is an uplifting and joyous color. This spunky color encourages creativity. Odd enough most adolescent girls who have a creative side like purple. Finally and definitely last is the color white. White is the last common color people like. It is last picked by many but it is still popular. White is seen as fresh beginnings. It is a very cleanliness color. The color white projects purity because it evokes perfection. That’s why on wedding days the bride wears white to show a new beginning in a happy upcoming life. These colors bring out a new perspective on how they present themselves. They are the most popular three colors in the world. The colors have lots of reasons and facts behind them. In the end though they are just colors we see everyday.
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