Pride and Prejudice vs Wuthering Heights

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About structure and mood

There are a number of differences. First of all, the narrative structure is very different. Pride and Prejudice is chronological, told by a limited 3rd person narrator. Wuthering Heights begins at present, and then is told as a series of flashbacks, sometimes through letters, but with two different first-person narrators. Pride and Prejudice reads chronologically, with someone telling you about the characters. Wuthering Heights skips around (making it a bit confusing and mysterious), and you hear the story through the eyes of the characters.

The mood of the novels is quite different as well. Pride and Prejudice is a more typical love story (man meets woman, complications arise, man gets woman), while Wuthering Heights deals with the deeply passionate but tragic love between Catherine and Heathcliff. Both novels deal with social/economic class separating the lovers, but Heathcliff and Catherine never overcome this separation and are kept apart until they die, and reach happiness after death, when their souls are seen walking together in the moors. While Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy reach to overcome prejudices, misunderstandings and pride and get happily married in life.

Unlike Pride an Prejudice, Wuthering Heights contains Gothic elements. There is a strong suggestion of supernatural occurrences and ghosts all through the novel. The primary effect of these elements is the dark and gloomy mood of the story. In addition, the novel also suggests that the ghosts of Heathcliff and Catherine are together after they die; there is a pretty disturbing scene of Heathcliff digging up Catherine's grave to see her body, and there are several mentions of seeing unnatural things, and the ghost of Catherine walking the moors in search of Heathcliff and her home; also Mr. Lockwood sees the ghost of Catherine, and it is what pushes him to ask for explanations to Nelly, and then Nelly will tell him the story of the two lovers. Pride and Prejudice has none of these elements.

Lastly, both works, while not biographical, were influenced by the authors' lives. Emily Brontë wrote about the area where she lived - in Yorkshire, England - and the moors and landscape play a huge role in the work. However, Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice to poke fun at the rules and customs of the society in which she lived. It is lighthearted and satirical, in contrast to the darker mood of Heights.

About love and marriage
Jane Austen and Emily Brontë were two female writers in the early to mid nineteenth century. They grew up and lived in a time period where women did not have very many rights. Women were brought up to marry and reproduce. Both women wrote novels with very strong female protagonists, yet the stories told were very different. Austen clung to her roots and wrote a story of the time period, where rules and regulations ruled the land, and legitimacy is what mattered most. Brontë stepped out of the box and wrote of a world where the rules did not exist. Her world was ruled by love, and the universe had control, not mere mortals. The Romantic ideals and behaviors in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights produced an entire new outlook on love, marriage, and legitimacy when compared to other novels of the same time period, such as Pride and Prejudice. In the early nineteenth century women’s rights were nearly non-existent. Women did not have the option to make personal decisions. During this time period women had absolutely nothing. They were raised without an outside education and were told from the beginning that their basic purpose was to get married and reproduce. There was no sound option to do otherwise because marriage ensured stability and wealth. Husbands were providers. Families (typically fathers) pushed their daughters to marry men of high...
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