Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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The book Pride and Prejudice starts with a common opinion that a wealthy man must marry and a girl must marry a wealthy man once she gets the change. The idea that was accepted at that time allows girls to dream to marry a man if he is in good possession. From mothers to young ladies marriage is seen as a way of having a steady and comfortable life. In addition to the goal of having a wealthy life, it is necessary for young ladies to find a husband because of the matter of entailment. Meaning that the property of a father passes to a man rather than his daughters. Also, that matter of the entailment attracts men and leads men to search for a wealthy woman. In Pride and Prejudice except for Elizabeth women are seen in a search of a wealthy...

It is necessary to consider the social status and the properties of man to understand the contrast attitude of marriage between wealthy gentleman Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley and Wickham, Mr. Collins. In the first pages of the book the arrival of Mr. Bingley is accepted as an opportunity for unmarried young ladies of the Mrs. Bennet who is in the need of seeing her daughter’s marriage. As Mr. Bingley is an ideal man for the girls, Mrs Bennet is determined to make one of her daughters marry Mr. Bingley. This also gives another support that women attitude toward marriage is limited with the men’s wealth and social status. Looking from the side of the men like Darcy and Charles Bingley it is not hard to understand their attitude toward marriage. Their only concern is the women’s low social status. As an example Mr. Darcy first thinks Elizabeth as a poor marriage prospect. He also tries to avoid from Elizabeth to keep his...

In the book, women prefer to marry in an intention of having a comfortable life. A good example Charlotte Lucas mentions her attitudes from the very beginning by giving advice to Jane suggesting that knowing your future husband faults in contrast to Elizabeth. With the loss of her father Charlotte accepts the proposal of Mr. Collins. Although it is not a marriage of love, the conditions lead them to such conclusion. Charlotte express herself by saying she is not romantic and only seeks a comfortable home. That kind of attitude is not surprising considering the other women’s attitude toward marriage but Elizabeth still finds it dramatic to marry someone without love. Also, Charlotte’s marriage gives Mrs. Bennet sadness because that kind of comfortable marriage was her aim for Miss Elizabeth. However, Charlotte and Mrs. Collins picture having a happy...
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