Pride and Prejudice

Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Jane BennetKarsen Green
Period 5
Throughout Pride and Prejudice, we encounter multiple conceited, rude, and fake characters, such as Lady Catherine, Whickham, and Mr.Collins. These people are general dreadful to talk to and are not enjoyed by many. While these horrid people symbolize all that is bad and prideful within the book, Jane Bennet symbolizes all that is good and lovely. Her caring, accepting, humble attitude towards everything, along with her immaculate beauty, makes her a very desirable woman to be around. While her incredibly positive outlook on life gives many positive qualities, it also hinders her in multiple ways as well.

Jane’s forgiving nature benefits her throughout the book by allowing her to come to peace with scarred relationships that might have been lost, had she decided to be cold and unforgiving. On the other hand, it also opens her up to being taken advantage of by people. This was the case after her fallout with Caroline Bingley, the sister of her husband. When Jane first becomes acquainted with Mr. Bingley, his friend, Mr. Darcy, also becomes interested in Elizabeth Bennet, Jane’s younger sister. Because Caroline had interest in Mr. Darcy, this made her very upset and caused her to ultimately convince her brother to move back home, away from the Bennet sisters. This crushes Jane, because the move is so sudden, and she ultimately blames herself.

Although Caroline succeeds in her efforts of separating the lovers, it is short lived. Mr. Bingley ends up returning to propose, adding Jane to the Bingley family permanently. Jane’s forgiving nature finally comes in handy when she decides that it is time to forgive Caroline. In doing this, she is mending a broken bond throughout the Bingley family, and brightening the future for her and her husband. The negative effects of this, however, are that she did not stand up for herself when it was due, and could lead to being taken advantage of again by Miss...
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