Pricing Strategy

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Presentation Script for price

What I would like tell you are some aspects of price before you are making a decision.

Actually, the reason why we launch this clothing line is for students, lower-wage workers who do not have enough money to spend for cloth, but who also want to wear new brand shirts almost everyday. And they are our target in the markets now. But, of course, you can also purchase these clothes in aspects of intelligent purchasing. So in short, this new clothing line is for the common man.

As you buy this one shirt, you can get the 7 different color shirts. So its a 7 in 1 offer! How? Well If you buy this shirt, we will give you the 7 sachets of washing powder-each with specified color for free with any cloth among these “The Bleeding Style” shirts whether plain shirt or checkered one's.

While you wear the shirt, if you are bored with one color, just wash it with these sachets. You can get a new color shirt within no time! In addition to that, comparing buy same cloth to 7times and this. This makes a pretty good to deal! Why? Because it allows u to save a lot. Mr. Alan, what do u think could be the price of this product? The price is only $65 per shirt.

We can ensure to you as the guarantees. The quality of our brand’s cloth is very good which also compliments the price and the uniqueness of this idea. And you cannot buy this kind of creative product in anywhere, because these products are new launch products to our brand and we, Zara are the first one to come up with this kind of product in the market.

Do not think that the price is not cheap.
The perspectives for the other side, it can be thought as good purchasing in terms of the long time purchasing. And, it is just normal brand price on these days to people who know well about fashion. I really ensure that you will not regret buying this products.

Nevertheless, if you are not happy with the product, you can buy any other product from our shop in the same price range...
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