Price of Progress

Topics: Epidemiology, Infectious disease, Nutrition, Natural resource, Government, Poverty / Pages: 3 (588 words) / Published: Jun 15th, 2009
Amber Rosenbrock
June 1, 2009
Short Paper
Anthropology 3150
What's the price of progress?
This price of progress is very expensive. It's not just measured in only dollar and cents it also can be measured in the amount of lives lost and the amount of resources depleted. There are social advantages of progress they are measured by increased incomes, higher standards of living, greater security and better health. However, these social advantages have a greater negative effect on tribal people. It's been shown that the price of progress on the unwilling tribal people has caused death of millions of people, loss of land, depletion of natural resources and tribal people right to follow their own lifestyle.
Governments have pushed progress on tribal people to obtain their resources. Economic development has increase the disease rate in three ways. One is that people become more vulnerable to disease and as a result it causes major health problems, such as obesity and diabetes. Second, there is an increase in bacterial and parasite disease. Third, is a breakdown in traditional and socioeconomic systems. Development policies designed by the government to bring change in vegetation and settlement patterns, have lead to increase in disease rates as well.
Dams and irrigation development s created conditions that brought about diseases that were never seen by the tribal people before. Urbanization also a measurement of development brought a negative impact on the former tribal people. Infections disease and poor sanitation were common issued in urban centers. Other negative factors were poor nutrition, change in their traditional diets and stress. Change in diet involves risks but for the tribal people it was an enormous one.
The changes in their diet were forced. In some places, the government had introduced new crops and in other places people were forced to relocate and they didn't have the same access to food they had access to before. Massive disruption of

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